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Purchase installments in Gadjet

Installment sale is one of the methods of buying goods and services that Gadjet Collection has considered for its users. Installment sale of the collection is considered for users in several different ways, and each user can choose the desired product by reading the payment conditions. Buy in installments.

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coming soon | Gadjet shop application

Gadjet has always been trying to provide its services in the best way with the simplest methods. The comprehensive gadjet application will be released as a beta version soon. In this application, it is possible to review products, view opinions of product buyers, review product reviews. Also, soon the possibility of purchasing through the application will be provided so that you can access the purchase of products without entering the gadjet website. Also, your user profile has been opened in the gadjet application so that you can easily find out about the latest purchases, tracking orders and the status of your order.

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Gadjet Where did it start?

Gadjet started operating in the Iranian market in 1375 with the aim of selling all kinds of mobile phones and computers and providing after-sales services. In these years, we have tried to provide the latest and highest quality services with the latest technology and with the help of an expert and creative staff. In this way, respecting the customer's rights and gaining and maintaining customer satisfaction has been an undeniable principle of Gadjet Collection. The gadjet store tries to facilitate the purchase by providing technical information about the products, as well as simplifying the purchase process for its customers and quickly sending the products they want, without needing to search for several hours.

From the very first day of its entry into the market, Gadjet has chosen to provide quality products and unfailing support and after-sales service as its goal and motto. Because we believe that an informed and discerning Iranian consumer deserves such services. We are proud that we have always been by your side during these years and have used your guidance to keep our store up-to-date so that we can always stand firm and with authority in the field. Providing all kinds of mobile phones and computers and by providing reliable brands of the digital world such as JBL, Soney, Audio Technica, Harman Kardon, Lenovo, Dell, Hp, logi, etc., we are at your service with a guarantee.